There was a town named Ljubljana,
the home of a default girl, Ana,
she lived in a skyscraper,
everyone was a fan of her.

But the problem is she’s stuck there,
’cause there’s a virus everywhere,
she was about to write a blog,
but she felt like she’s a frog.

Doctor went to visit her,
she asked him: »What should I do, sir?«
He said: »Your muscles are too weak,
you weren’t active for a week.
No need to take the medicine,
just go outside and feel the wind.«

So, she went for a long, long walk,
after that important talk.

In her country of Slovenia,
there are as many mountains as there is the sea,
sadly, Slovenes all had a lockdown,
in every village, every town.

When she came back,
she saw a pack,
and inside a pair of shoes,
she noticed that the handwriting was Sue’s.

From that day on,
she runs in sun,
her blog is blocked,
and everyone is shocked.

Now, she has a yoga channel,
she teaches viewers to lift a panel,
her life is sporty now,
and I don’t even know how.